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    Bachelor of Interior Design & Technology

    The aim of the course in interior design is to generate professional figures that are able to apply skills in interpreting and developing projects in the different specialist areas of interiors: residential, projects in retail design, public spaces and exhibition design. The course provides participants with the technical knowledge and understanding to resolve aspects in the construction of spaces, the methodologies to develop a concept proposal through to its correct representation. The approach of the course is creative, artistic, and intuitive as well as technical in design. The interior designers through the research and analysis of the changes in the contemporary way we live plans a space that creates a style story, where the use of colour and light helps to evoke a seductive mood.

    At INSD the students study the elements and principles of design, the history, theory and philosophy, and the sociological and psychological aspects of space provided for the groundwork of all good interior design. They lead to an in-depth study of the technical, graphics, design process and studio techniques required to solve the design problems of today’s complex interiors. General design principles are applied to specific interiors including restaurants, hotels, houses, offices, places of entertainment, shops and more. Combining your artistic sense with technical proficiency, students will develop a firm foundation in colour and position, drafting, drawing and critical thinking.

    Career Paths

        > Commercial interior designer                      >  Residential interior designer

       >  Institutional interior designer                     >  Exhibition designer furniture designer

       >  Design consultant                                          >   Lighting designer

       >  Cad designer                                                   >  Freelancer designer                       

    Duration 3 YEAR
    ELIGIBILITY: Diploma/
    100% Placement Assistance