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    Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology

    B. Sc. in Fashion Design is a 3- year undergraduate course in fashion designing, spread over 6 semesters. The course covers the study of specialized fields in the area of fashion design.

    In other words, B.Sc (Fashion Design) is the study of creating original designs which involve converting artistic talent and creativity in creating products such as clothing, textiles, accessories etc. it also includes a detailed study of the ever-changing market trends and the related fashion.
    The degree holders are in great demand among fashion designers, boutiques and fashion related industries.

    It makes one eligible and competent enough to open their own fashion studios or boutiques to exhibit their fashion skills. Besides satisfying the creative fancies and the materialistic needs of the people the course also promises glamour, fame and success to its students.

    Career Paths

        > Designer/Assistant Designer                     >  Pattern Designer

       >  Fashion Illustrator                                       >  Fashion Entrepreneur

       >  Costume designer                                        >   Fashion consultant

       >  Personal stylist                                             >  Technical designer                       

       >  Graphic designer                                         > Fashion Stylist

      >   Production pattern maker                         >   Fashion coordinator

    Duration 3 YEAR
    ELIGIBILITY: Graduation/
    100% Placement Assistance